five nights at freddys more like



Favourite Video Game Characters (in no particular order)
→ Kaniehtí:io, Assassin’s Creed III

❝Why are you speaking so slow?❞


sometimes i really want to explore abandoned places but then i remember that i sprint out of rooms after i turn the lights off


'My' pain and 'yours' are just not the same. Can I even call what I feel 'pain', when we aren't even talking about the same thing? What I experience… is too painful to be considered pleasure, yet too delightful for it to be called plain 'pain’. There’s no suffering—just a scorching ecstasy, a devastating wave of such consuming bliss most people can’t take it. And you know why ordinary people can’t deal with this glory you think of as ‘pain’? It’s because you weren’t blessed with that privilege. Because you’re not favored by the Lord.

Happy Birthday, Hidan! [02.04.14]

I’m the Avatar, doing my Avatar thing, keeping the world safe. 


this one pic of sasuke is better than all of attack on titan



math class is the class where your inner artist comes out more than in your actual art class

"I’m scared, Lee."


okay Nintendo but consider this: i don’t have money